Author: Adam Rousell

  • Long Distance Bike and Foot Routing With Restrictions released in ORS Version 6.2.1

    After the latest update of openrouteservice to v6.2.1, we are pleased to announce that it is now possible to calculate long distance routes using all bike and pedestrian profiles whilst taking into account of restrictions such as avoiding ferries. Previously, this super fast routing was only available with the car and HGV profiles, but after […]

  • Setting maximum speed is back in openrouteservice

    Recently openrouteservice has been updated to version 6.2 which has brought some pretty useful features to OSM-based routing. One of the main “new” features is the re-introducing of the maximum_speed parameter where users can set the maximum speed their vehicle can travel at. Though this feature was available in the past, due to implementing new […]

  • HeiGIT gGmbH is One Year Old Today!

    Today (1st July 2020) marks the first birthday of HeiGIT gGmbH! Over this first year, HeiGIT, the Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology at Heidelberg University has been involved a large number of events, projects, publications, and press coverage. Founded on the 1st July 2019, HeiGIT is a non-for-profit organisation receiving core-funding by the Klaus Tschira […]

  • Openrouteservice Maps – Alternative routes, roundtrips and more …

    While naturally all of our features are already accessible via the openrouteservice API, we have now made some of the newer routing features accessible in our Maps Client on Alternative routes We all know that getting second opinions or suggestions for things can give you a better sense of security and allow for a […]

  • Openrouteservice v6.0 – Ganymede

    We are pleased to announce the latest release of openrouteservice – version 6.0 also known as Ganymede. The main changes in this release are nestled in the backend code itself and have been performed to update the core GraphHopper library to a newer version.That said, there are also some new features in the release including […]

  • State of the Map and HOT Summit in Heidelberg

    Over the last few days, Heidelberg has been host to the annual HOT Summit and State of the Map conference with a combined attendance of over 800 people. The HOT summit ran from the 19th-20th September and had over 200 attendees from more than 40 different countries. The SotM conference, running from the 21st to […]

  • openrouteservice Io

    openrouteservice Io is here! The openrouteservice from HeiGIT has just had its latest update, and we want to introduce you to Io (version 5.0). This new version brings something that has been a while in the making and will make things a lot easier when it comes to requesting information from the openrouteservice – a […]

  • Road access restriction information in openrouteservice

    The new year started in the openrouteservice team at HeiGIT with the release of openrouteservice 4.7.2. In this release there were a number of bug fixes, but also some new features. The main one of these is the inclusion of information about access restrictions when your route takes you over roads that are marked in […]

  • openrouteservice elevation goes farther north than ever before

    Last week we have been upgrading the openrouteservice, and with that has come the ability to include elevation information in routing pretty much anywhere on the globe (sorry people on Antarctica, but we don’t have routing for you just yet). So if you want to know the elevation and steepness of your drive from Svalbard […]

  • CAP4Access Comes to a Close

    On Tuesday 17th January, the CAP4Access/MyAccessible.EU came to a close after three years with the successful completion of the final European Commission review meeting in Brussels. Reviewers were highly pleased with the outcomes of the project, both on the technical and societal fronts. At GIScience in Heidelberg, through the EC FP7 project we have extended […]

  • MyAccessible.EU OpenStreetMap Tools for People with Reduced Mobility Released

    As part of the MyAccessible.EU project (CAP4Access) several tools have been developed at GIScience in Heidelberg. These tools aim at collecting information about accessibility of places and to assist in movement through environments for people with reduced mobility. These tools include a mobile (Android) and web application for the collection and display of obstacles in […]

  • AGILE 2015 conference (and third place poster award)

    Last week saw the 18th AGILE conference being held in Lisbon, Portugal. Starting on Tuesday with a number of parallel workshops, the conference ran until Friday and included a number of interesting talks, key note sessions and a number of social events. The presence of GIScience at Heidelberg University was felt through two workshops being […]