Join the annual disastermappers heidelberg Christmas Workshop on 15.12.2020, 6 pm

Many things will be different this year when celebrating Christmas, but disastermappers heidelberg think that the few people that you are going to meet should still get a nice OSM-based presents. This is why we want to invite you to join our annual “Christmas Workshop” and learn how to create nice posters, post cards and other things with maps.

When: 15.12.2020, 6 pm
Where: online –

As last years (we started this in 2017!) we will present different ways to craft personal Christmas gifts based on OpenStreetMap features. We will show you how!

You can check out our tutorial section to get started in advance as well. Please make sure that you have QGIS installed on your computer. If you don’t have it yet, you can follow the instructions here:

See you on Tuesday!

And this is what you might get out of the workshop: