Place in GIScience Paper at Platial 2019

The International Symposium on Platial Information Science PLATIAL’19 will be held this year at the University of Warwick in September 5-6. The programme has just been published and includes a paper from our research group about a systematic literature review about Place in the GIScience Community.

As the first PLATIAL’2018 symposium held in Heidelberg 2018 the symposium is funded and organized by the “VGIscience” SPP of the Germany Research Foundation (DFG), where our group has two running projects (one about VGI data quality and one improving spatial analysis in social media streams) and a third new accepted project (about Deep Learning with VGI and Remote Sensing imagery).

Wagner, D.; A. Zipf and R. Westerholt (2019): Place in the GIScience Community—a systematic literature review. PLATIAL 2019. Warwick.



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