Hello world, openfuelservice!

In addition to our already exciting and fascinating portfolio of open source software we now offer openfuelservice which is a new and very experimental advance in the world of fuel consumption and emission of cars.

In the recent political and social discussion around these topics it became clear, that it is still hard for individual car drivers and owners to get an insight into what their car model or even their individual car is consuming under real world conditions or what the emission output could be. Openfuelservice describes an experimental approach towards that discussion for developers to create solutions to enable car owners and drivers to actively get involved in this discussion and give them the opportunity to evaluate their own ecological impact based on actual statistics.

The service is primarily using a combination of two sources of car consumption and emission data from the British “Vehicle Certification Agency” and the steadily growing “Open Citizen Science Platform” enviroCar. A third layer from “Weekly Oil Bulletin” offers weekly fuel prices from the European Union. Those data sets, combined with the infrastructure of openfuelservice, offer close to “real world” estimations in terms of fuel consumption (gasoline and diesel), emission (CO2, CO, NOx, THC) as well as cost assumptions for a growing number of car models.

Make sure to check out a first experimental integration of openfuelservice into the openrouteservice maps framework or find out what else is possible with openfuelservice on GitHub (feel free to leave us some feedback).

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