Reminder: VGI ALIVE Special Issue of ISPRS IJGI extended to 15 March 2019

we want to remind you about the extended submission deadline (15 March 2019) for the Special Issue “Volunteered Geographic Information: Analysis, Integration, Vision, Engagement (VGI-ALIVE)”of the ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information (IJGI)

The steady rise of data volume shared on already-established and new Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) and social media platforms calls for advanced analysis methods of user contribution patterns, leads to continued challenges in data fusion, and provides also new opportunities for rapid data analysis for event detection and VGI data quality assessment. Questions regarding the future of VGI and social media platforms include the prospect of continued user growth, engagement of new user groups, further expansion of VGI to educational activities, and closing data gaps in geographically underrepresented areas.

The SI evolves around a wide range of VGI and social/media research topics including cross-platform data contributions, innovative VGI analysis approaches, current data fusion methods, data interoperability, real-world applications, and the use of VGI and social media use in education. Contributions that discuss future challenges of VGI and social media, may it be on the legal or technical side, that formulate a vision for VGI and social media usage and analysis for the near future, and that demonstrate analysis workflows or the integration of VGI into education are also welcome. This Special Issue offers an outlet for publishing papers relevant to the scope of the related AGILE workshop. Papers will be reviewed on a continuing basis until the submission deadline.

Special issue topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Activity patterns and collaboration across multiple VGI and social media platforms
  • (Quasi) real-time analysis of VGI and social media content
  • Technical and legal aspects of crowd-sourced data fusion
  • Opportunities, challenges, and limitations for the future of VGI
  • VGI and social media analysis in geographic areas with sparse data coverage
  • Novel methods of VGI data quality assessment
  • Mobility patterns from VGI and social media
  • User engagement and VGI education
  • Closing the gaps in VGI data coverage

Dr. Peter Mooney
Dr. Franz-Benjamin Mocnik
Prof. Dr. Alexander Zipf
Dr. Jamal Jokar Arsanjani
Dr. Hartwig H. Hochmair
Ms. Kiran Zahra

Guest Editors