Sweet 3D archaeology – Jupiter Column made of chocolate

The Jupiter Column (“Jupitergigantensäule”) is now available as miniature made of chocolate!

The very well-preserved Jupiter Column from the antique LOPODUNUM belongs to the most important archaeological exhibits of the Lobdengau museum. The Jupiter Column is a representative object important for the rich cultural history of Ladenburg, a town with an impressive Roman history.

Three years ago, the Jupiter Column was scientifically examined in the frame of the interdisciplinary project MUSiKE (Multidimensional Perceptibility of Cultural Heritage) as part of the Heidelberg Karlsruhe Research Partnership (HEiKA). The aim was to develop an interdisciplinary methodology to optimize measuring, viewing and understanding of cultural change in real and virtual spaces. The GIScience Research Group and the 3DGeo Research Group also participated in the project. The FCGL group, led by Hubert Mara, of the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR) delivered a full 3D scan of the Jupiter Column. This scan served as a basis for subsequent archaeological analyses. Find further information about the MUSiKE project on our project website and watch our Youtube video clip.

Last week, the sweet artwork from chocolate was presented to the public and is now also in the media.



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