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  • Successfull PhD defence by Michael Auer on 3D WebGIS

    Last month Dr. Michael Auer successfully defended his PhD on Advancing 3D WebGIS – browser-based Methods for Visualization and Analysis and their Integration in Virtual Research Environments in the Context of Cultural Heritage . We congratulate cordially! We are happy to have Michael with us as in the Big Spatial Data Analytics team of HeiGIT […]

  • Sweet 3D archaeology – Jupiter Column made of chocolate

    The Jupiter Column (“Jupitergigantensäule”) is now available as miniature made of chocolate! The very well-preserved Jupiter Column from the antique LOPODUNUM belongs to the most important archaeological exhibits of the Lobdengau museum. The Jupiter Column is a representative object important for the rich cultural history of Ladenburg, a town with an impressive Roman history. Three […]

  • Video online – Multidimensional Perceptibility of Cultural Heritage (MUSIEKE)

    The official video of the research project “Multidimensional Perceptibility of Cultural Heritage (MUSIEKE)” has been released and can be watched here: https://youtu.be/s3-4Rzye22U The project MUSIEKE aims at analyzing interrelations between perceptions and experiences of cultural heritage: in (1) museum environments, in (2) urban spaces and their spatio-temporal entanglements with the surrounding (cultural) landscape and in […]

  • MayaArch3D Closing Meeting 4th/5th of June 2015 at DAI-KAAK, Bonn

    The MayaArch3D project held its final closing meeting at the German Archaeological Institute in Bonn from the 4th to the 5th of June 2015. Two days of discussions and presentations demonstrated the results of the 3-year BMBF (German Ministry of Education and Research) funded project “MayaArch3D – A Web-based 3D-GIS for the Analysis of the […]

  • History Scanned in 3D – Jupiter Column of Ladenburg

    Within our interdisciplinary collaborative research project MUSIEKE (Multidimensional Perceptibility of Cultural Heritage) the Jupiter Column (“Iupittergigantensäule”) of Ladenburg was scanned in 3D and in very high detail for the first time. Our colleagues from the IWR (FCGL Group of Hubert Mara) performed the measurement campaign. In this report (in German) the SWR 4 radio station […]

  • MayaArch3D @ SFB933/HCCH Joint Workshop

    The GIScience Reserarch Group Heidelberg contributed to the workshop „Aktuelle Formen der Präsentation und Edition beschrifteter Artefakte“ through a presentation about the joint project MayaArch3D which was given by Lukas Loos. The workshop took place at the International Science Forum Heidelberg and was jointly organized by the DFG SFB 933 „Materiale Textkulturen“ and the Heidelberg […]

  • MUSIEKE – Multidimensional Perceptibility of Cultural Heritage

    The newly funded multidisciplinary research project MUSIEKE investigates the perceptibility and visibility of cultural heritage in multiple dimensions in urban, landscape, museum and virtual spaces. Three-dimensional (3D) data acquisition, processing, modeling and web-based visualization & analysis will provide fundamental input to the derivation and explanation of complex causal relationships of cultural heritage in time and […]