Openrouteservice-py now available on PyPi – Easy Routing, Geocoding, Isochrones and Matrix Routing with Python!

We have finally developed a pretty handy python API for all of you pythoniasts out there. This library makes requests to the openrouteservice API extremely simple. With this you will be able to query the following services with a couple of lines of python code.

  • directions
  • matrix
  • geocoding
  • isochrones

To provide a quick and dirty example::

import openrouteservice

coords = ((8.34234,48.23424),(8.34423,48.26424))

client = openrouteservice.Client(key='') # Specify your personal API key

routes = client.directions(coords)

print routes


That’s it. Enjoy!

Find the sources on GitHub and install it via pip.