New OpenRouteService Matrix API to speed up batch routing calculations

Admittedly, the OpenRouteService Matrix API is anything but new. Already implemented in mid 2017, it’s been soaring to high demand by numerous clients across the globe ever since. Finally we want to give it the credit it deserves.

The ORS Matrix API is the precursor to solve important problems like the traveling salesman problem and even more complex use cases logistics companies face every day. While we’re not exactly at the point of solving all their multi-faceted problems yet, you might still be interested in this tool to calculate up to 5.25 Mio routes per day. Yes, that’s right, 5.25 MILLION PER DAY

And that happens incredibly fast, too. Within a single request, you can fire off a matrix of 50×50 locations and it won’t take noticeably longer than calculating a single route from Milano to Berlin.

There’s gotta be a catch, you think? Well yes, there is: you will not see any geometry of your routes. You will only be returned what matters most: distance and/or duration. Who has time to examine 5 Mio routes every day anyway…

If we sparked your interest, take a look at the documentation, open your IDE and start stressing our servers!