OSM Climate Protection Map went Global

Over the last weeks the recently introduced Climate Protection Map (Klimschutzkarte.de) has been extended to cover the whole world and features now also some new layers. The Global Climate Protection Map is based on user-contributed data from OpenStreetMap. It allows interested citizens to share information and find out about topics related to climate protection and sustainability, such as sustainable energy supply, mobility forms and consumption / nutrition etc. Click on one of the categories to choose and see related information layers on the map.

Heidelberg University recently also issued a press release about the project (in German): http://www.uni-heidelberg.de/presse/meldungen/2017/m20171222_klimaschutzkarte-fuer-mehr-nachhaltigkeit-im-alltag.html

From citizens to citizens: Share your local knowledge about the relevant topics and inform yourself about possibilities for more sustainable living!