Bike2Work Week: Let OpenRouteService help to find nice routes.

It is #Bike2Work Week ! (*) Time to think about some more nice bicycle tours in BikeMonthMay (any beyond 😉 does assist you with a set of nice options for different types of bicyclist, such as Safest Tour, Touring Bike, Mountain Bike or Road Bike. This includes also an E-Bicycle profile which especially comes in handy for accessibility analyses (isochrones) considering elevation information.

Further OpenRouteService bike profiles supports Fitness Categories. By combining OpenStreetMap data with elevation information you may now plan your routes according to your level of fitness (Novice, moderate, amateur or pro), in addition to many other options.

Recently an easier share functionality of routes and shorter permalinks have been added. You will be able to down- and upload more formats (gpx, tcx, kml and geojson) than before and even export computed isochrones as geojson files. The route instructions list now includes toggle functions to keep the list neat and clear for your needs.

Also the list of languages for the route instructions is growing – keep us informed about your needs!

OpenRouteService was the first Online Routing Service based on OpenStreetMap data (online since 2008), that offered specific Routing-Options for pedestrians, several bicycle types, heavy vehicles, wheelchairs and now E-Bikes internationally.

We do thank the Klaus Tschira Stiftung Heidelberg for their support to establish the Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology (HeiGIT), which provides further resources for extending OpenRouteService in a more sustainable way.
(*) BikeWeek/Bike2WorkWeek/Bike2WorkDay et al. are at slightly different dates around the globe each year from May to early June.