“Exploitation Strategy” seminar for CAP4Access project

Last week on Monday 12th, we organized a workshop for the CAP4Access project that aimed to discuss ideas and methods on how the developed tools and services within the project would be exploited especially after the project has came to an end.

Dr. Emmanuel Sofianopoulos was the expert for the workshop appointed by the European Commission. The workshop started by presentations from him concerning the concepts of Open Source Project Management and do’s and don’ts in development of tools.

From GIScience Heidelberg, Adam Rousell, Stefan Hahmann and Amin Mobasheri participated in the workshop and presented the tools developed for navigation, routing and quality assessment, respectively. The presentations were followed by discussions and brainstorming on how the services would be maintained and evolved in the future based on the type of each tool. If you are interested to check the tools developed in CAP4Access project click here.