10 Days to Deadline for Link-VGI Workshop Short Papers at AGILE 2016

A little reminder that the Deadline for Short Papers for the Link-VGI Pre Conference Workshop at AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science 2016. Helsinki is approaching!

The main theme is “LINKing and analyzing Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) across different platforms” and the workshop shall focus, but is not limited to, the following topics and areas of research:

  • User contribution patterns and data sharing across multiple VGI and social media platforms
  • Accessing and visualization of VGI data from various platforms
  • Understand differences in spatial/temporal coverage of contributions to different platforms
  • Understanding how data are linked across different VGI/social media platforms
  • What types of communities are evolving and emerging from VGI/social media platforms
  • Investigating how cross-linked data are used in real-world applications
  • Describing the effects of the growing number of VGI and social media on data quality and user behavior
  • Assess the quality of cross-linked VGI
  • Identifying current research questions and an emerging research agenda

Further Information