New HORIZON 2020 project “WeGovNow” – Towards We-Government: Collective and participative approaches for addressing local policy challenges

Recently a new 3 year EU project in the HORIZON 2020 programme has been accepted and is about to start now.

WeGovNow is aiming at using state-of-the-art digital technologies in community engagement platforms to engage citizens in decision making processes within their local neighbourhood. It aims at bringing together multiple citizen-driven systems into a single platform which will allows people to:

– Report, suggest and discuss improvements to their local area
– explore ways to fix problems through collective action
– find solutions for resource shortages affecting the quality of publicly provided services
– debate topics of a strategic nature
– develop and vote upon concrete suggestions for local policy action

Underlying this platform is the use of VGI and PSI datasets and the accommodation of different user perspectives and experience. Therefore, it is important to address aspects such as the quality of the data used and the best methods for conveying this quality information to the different end users.

At GIScience Heidelberg, the focus of the research will be on:

– Methods for deriving quality metrics for VGI and PSI data to enable the determination of fitness-for-use
– Identify and implement suitable methods for portraying data quality information to different types of users
– Derive techniques for importing PSI data into the WeGovNow platform (and OSM where applicable) including the georeferencing of data lacking geographic coordinates.

Project partners include:
– Empirica (Lead)
– GIScience Heidelberg University
– Mapping for Change
– University College London
– Università degli Studi di Turino
– Infalia PC
– FlexiGuided GmbH
– Funka Nu AB
– Citta di Torino
– Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini
– Comune di San Donà di Piave
– London Borough of Southwark