OpenRouteService Update to Version 2.2

It has been less than two months since the major update of OpenRouteService. Today we announce the next sound update of the service. In this release, we were mostly concentrated on fixing bugs both on the server and client sides. The full list of changes can be found on github. We summarize some improvements below in the text.

We tried to make the navigation in route instructions, which may consist of many stopovers, intuitively much easier. This update introduces a redesigned list of instructions, where the whole route information is split into sub-sections corresponding to a certain stopover. At the end of each sub-section, travel time and distance need to be covered is given.

We have provided a new bike profile, called cycle tour. Our intention was to give an opportunity to compute a route when a preference is given to cycle networks (see also OpenCycleMap).

Heavy vehicle profile has been extended by taking maxaxleload parameter into account. Now this profile includes all parameters that are important in finding an appropriate route for trucks of buses.

We spent a lot of time in tuning routing profiles in such way, that they could result more realistic routes which meet human expectations.

Concluding, we would like to thank ORS users for their valuable and useful feedback, which helps us a lot in improving every component of the service. In upcoming release, we are planning to add a feedback form which should help us to be even closer to users. We look forward to your comments and hearing from you!





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