MappingParty 4 India and Chile at Heidelberg University

on Wednesday, July 8, we invite you to a mapping event organized by students, similar to the earlier mapping events in Heidelberg, where numerous people had participated.
This time we chose two regions which suffer on the one hand from high vulnerability and many natural hazards and where on the other hand OpenStreetMap still has deficits. In contrast to many other mapping events (which focus in disaster mapping) we want to map the areas independent from a specific disaster event.
We plan to map two small regions in Chile (Lebu) and in southern India, primarily roads and buildings.
GIS skills are helpful, but you can also participate without. You are welcome to bring your own notebook if available.

We meet at Wednesday, July 8, from 17.30 clock
in the computer lab of the Department of Geography, Heidelberg University, Berliner Straße 48, 69120 HD.

We are looking forward to your visit! Many Greetings on behalf of the seminar “Citizens as sensors”