OpenRouteService in QGIS – Plugin

Together with the help of our friends from Geolicious OSM routing with our OpenRouteService now has been made available within Quantum GIS.

The “OSM Route” plugin is published in the offical QGIS repository and can be simply installed via the QGIS plugin manager (please enable experimental plugins within QGIS, see screenshot below, then search for OSM Route within the plugin library).

Interface OSM route Berlin in 30min

Beside the possibility to route on OpenStreeMap road networks with any given mode of transport (car, bike, pedestrian) the plugin also offers the Accessibility Analysis feature showing you how far you can travel in a given time. All results are stored as a QGIS layer and can therefore be easily converted into any other format (e.g. shapefiles).

Please test the plugin and report any issues here. Enjoy!





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