Missing Maps visit Heidelberg and New Mapping Event on Monday May 8th.

Members of the Missing Maps project, Doctors without Borders, the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (H.O.T) and the British Red Cross paid a visit to the disastermappers heidelberg beginning of last week to discuss new ideas and further collaboration.

The day started with a lecture about Crowdsourced Information for Disaster Risk Management that was held by Melanie and Benjamin during the geoinformatics lecture. Their presentation was complemented by the Missing Maps project which introduced the scope and motivation of the project to the students and to also provided information about possible research and students` involvement.
The afternoon was then used for a workshop of the Missing Maps team with the disastermappers to further develop the workflow for the planned collaboration.

In this context we invite all mappers, students, and researchers to join us in a

Missing Maps Mapping Event,
Monday 8.6.2015, 5 pm,
Institute of Geography, Heidelberg University, Berliner Str. 48 (Hörsaal EG). 69120 HD.

The objective of this event is to contribute data of the province South Kivu (Democratic Republic of Congo) to enable and support humanitarian aid in the conflict region and support the work of the Doctors without Borders.

As usual drinks and snacks will be provided and also heartly welcome new mappers to join 🙂
If possible please bring your own laptops. We all are looking forward to seeing you on monday.