Presentation on Open Data this Wednesday at disastermappers Heidelberg Colloquium

The disastermappers Heidelberg invite to a talk by Oliver Rack within the ‘disastermappers Heidelberg’ colloquium series at the Institute of Geography Heidelberg University. Oliver Rack is the founder of the Open Data Initiative Rhein-Neckar and will report about the situation of the Open Data Movement in the region and discuss recent projects.

The presentation will start at 16.00 (Hörsaal, BSt 48, Geog. Inst. HD) on Wednesday 20.5.2015.

Also members of GIScience Heidelberg and disastermappers Heidelberg participated actively in the last Open Data day through developing some open tools and got acknowledged for this. Here the disastermappers Heidelberg report on their many activities within the last two weeks.

Consider also the dates of our future GIScience Colloqium talks this semester!

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