Today: disastermappers-Heidelberg ‘on Tour’ : Mapping for Nepal continued

After the earthquake in Nepal just over two weeks ago, the country has been hit again by a serious earthquake. Many places have so far not received any assistance due to a lack of maps.
After earlier Disaster Mapping events at the Institute of Geography at Heidelberg University and continuous activities in between, the “disastermappers Heidelberg” want to share their experiences also with interested people outside the Heidelberg area and thus grow the community of volunteers contributing the needed geographic information to OpenStreetMap. Therefore they will give introductions and advice on crisis mapping during an event to students today (Wednesday Mai 13) at Hochschule Karlsruhe, Hoffstraße 3 starting at 11:30. (Contact).

In addition to further teaching activities GIScience Heidelberg has also set up relevant map layers and a new disaster routing based on OpenRouteService immediately after the earthquake at This is used for planning logistics and navigation and uses the latest relevant information from OSM (updated every 30min).

disaster mappers heidelberg