Major Update for OpenRouteService Backend

Last few months, we have been working hard on a new backend for The new implementation is much more flexible and faster than before and supports more sophisticated routing profiles. The services are deployed on a new and more powerful server that makes it possible to update routing graphs based on OpenStreetMap data more regulary (weekly) automatically.  Many thanks to Boris Richter for his great help and support.
This allows also to support an much extended coverage: now all of Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia are supported by OpenRouteService

Furthermore, the accessibility service uses a new method for calculating more accurate and realistic isochrone maps. Further improvements and additional routing profiles are under development and will be made available in the near future within a new web client (see figure below, beta preview is available at The source code of the web client is hosted on GitHub. The new backend service API is going to be publicly available that will allow a better integration into other applications.

We would like to acknowledge all who was involved. Thanks to the tenacious efforts made by Maxim Rylov and Enrico Steiger in vivifying the old lovely service.

Please feel free to contact us at to ask a question or report a bug.