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  • Auto3Dscapes video about research in 4D change analysis

    This new video by the 3DGeo group presents the challenges of 3D Earth observation and our advances in 4D change analysis in the frame of the Auto3Dscapes project: Direct link to the video: https://youtu.be/Fdwq-Cp0mFY Many thanks to Claudia Denis and David Jäger for helping to realize the video! We are also very happy about the […]

  • SYSSIFOSS project video on the potential of synthetic LiDAR data in forestry applications

    Do you want to find out about the potential of simulating LiDAR data over synthetic forest stands and the steps to get there? Get to know the SYSSIFOSS research project in the video below! Link to video In SYSSIFOSS we are using 3D LiDAR forest data to create a database of diverse model trees (different […]

  • Video on research of 3DGeo on change analysis methods at an active rock glacier

    Always been curious about how we develop our methods for 3D/4D change analysis? Then check out our new video on high-resolution and high-frequency monitoring of a rock glacier in Austria! Link to video LiDAR datasets of the rock glacier provide the basis for the development of 3D and 4D methods for geomorphic change quantification within […]

  • Visualizing 3D Spatial Data with GigaMesh – Tutorial Videos

    A series of video tutorials of GigaMesh has recently become available on YouTube. GigaMesh is a software framework for displaying, processing and visualizing large meshes of 3D spatial data representing 2D surfaces. The most recent tutorial by Paul Bayer and Hubert Mara presents a rapid method of hillshading for a geospatial dataset. The video shows […]

  • 3DGeo@Santiago de Compostela: Public CiTiUS lecture on Youtube available

    If you missed the live stream, you can simply watch the lecture “Big Point Clouds == Deep Information? Current Progress in Geospatial 3D/4D Point Cloud Analysis” on the CiTiUS Youtube Channel, University of Santiago de Compostela, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Wb4ozyTGVg

  • New video online: 3D solar potential assessment for renewable energy supply

    Watch the video: http://youtu.be/TaCUaG5XEas We use methods like laser scanning and GIS in combination with computer science to simulate the sun’s path and the respective shadows that are cast by 3D objects. Thereby, we can assess the solar potential for certain areas and surfaces. Solar potential assessments can play a crucial role in studies that […]