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  • Transdisciplinary study on climate change adaptation featured in Heidelberg University Newsroom

    No place for climate change: A recent transdisciplinary study on the viability of public spaces in cities under increasing heat was featured in the official Heidelberg University Newsroom (English version here). The study has been conducted by a Heidelberg research team led by Dr. Kathrin Foshag and investigated the heat stress in selected urban squares […]

  • No place for climate change

    Transdisciplinary study on climate change adaptation of urban squares Climate change is not only taking place on distant continents or far into the future, but here and now. In Germany, too, the temperature is rising – and even faster than the global average – and the number of hot days is increasing. Especially in cities, […]

  • ER3DS Makes Cities Smarter

    ER3DS makes cities smarter by emission reduction using 3D spatial sensing and analysis In the new project on Emission Reduction in Smart Cities Using 3D Spatial Sensing and Analysis (ER3DS) the combination of energy modeling, highly detailed 3D geographic sensing and computation will allow us to reveal a completely new picture of the current energy […]

  • Study “Multiscale analysis and reduction measures of urban carbon dioxide budget based on building energy consumption” published

    The 3D spatial data processing group had the opportunity to collaborate with the team of Prof. Tzu-Ping Lin from National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan, within the frame of a study dealing with carbon emission reduction measures in urban environments. One option of reducing carbon emission by buildings is to install photovoltaic (PV) panels in […]

  • New video online: 3D solar potential assessment for renewable energy supply

    Watch the video: http://youtu.be/TaCUaG5XEas We use methods like laser scanning and GIS in combination with computer science to simulate the sun’s path and the respective shadows that are cast by 3D objects. Thereby, we can assess the solar potential for certain areas and surfaces. Solar potential assessments can play a crucial role in studies that […]

  • New Press Release: On the Sunny Side

    The next issue of the German magazine Business Geomatics will present our research project HedALS in a short press article. The article highlights the results of our research on integrating 3D-GIS based variables derived from LiDAR point clouds into hedonic house price modeling. – Read the article in Business Geomatics 4/2013: p. 19 [in German] […]