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  • PermaSAR project concluded with publication of final report

    With the publication of the final report, the PermaSAR project is concluded. In the blink of an eye regarding timescales of permafrost monitoring, research within the project period covered diverse methods and analyses around the topic of permafrost and related thaw subsidence in Arctic tundra landscapes. The report (in German) provides all details on the […]

  • The Dimension of a Space Can Be Inferred From the Abstract Network Structure

    Study shows that spatial reference can be structurally identified in a number of datasets F.-B. Mocnik: The Polynomial Volume Law of Complex Networks in the Context of Local and Global Optimization. Scientific Reports (2018) 8:11274, doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-29131-0 Networks describe relations between objects. They show how objects relate to one another and which ones are mutually […]