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  • 4D change analysis for improving our understanding of dynamic landscapes

    Time series of topographic point clouds offer great possibilities to advance our understanding of dynamic landscapes. To exploit the full information these 4D datasets contain on spatial and temporal properties of natural surface changes, the 3DGeo research group is developing methods for 4D change analysis. These methods are required to answer fundamental questions on the […]

  • Student field trip to Northern England

    From 2nd – 9th March 2020, students of our department took part in an excursion to Northern England. Among the areas visited under the lead of Dr. Jack Williams were the Peak and Lake Districts, the North York Moors National Parks and Durham County. Preliminary seminars provided the students with background knowledge on the topics […]

  • The Importance of Monitoring Interval for Rockfall Magnitude‐Frequency Estimation

    Rockfalls commonly exhibit power law volume-frequency distributions, where fewer large events are observed relative to more numerous small events. Within most inventories, the smallest rockfalls are the most difficult to detect and so may not be adequately represented. A primary challenge occurs when neighboring events within a single monitoring interval are recorded as one, producing […]

  • Colloquium on monitoring of rockfalls and post-seismic landslide patterns

    We cordially invite everybody interested to our next open GIScience colloquium talk The speaker is Dr. Jack Williams Department of Geography, Durham University When: Monday 28.05.2018, 2:15 pm Where: INF 348, room 015 (Institute of Geography, Heidelberg University) Near-continuous monitoring of rockfalls and insights into post-seismic landslide patterns This talk focuses on two strands of research that […]