Tag: Indoor Navigation

  • Learning salience models of indoor landmarks

    In landmark-based way-finding, determining the most salient landmark from several candidates at decision points is challenging. To overcome this problem, current approaches usually rely on a linear model to measure the salience of landmarks. However, linear models are not always able to establish an accurate quantitative relationship between the attributes of a landmark and its […]

  • Open Position GIScience HD: Navigation, Routing & mobile LBS with OpenStreetMap

    Stellenausschreibung Geoinformatik, Universität Heidelberg Navigation, Routing & LBS mit OSM (VGI) Am Lehrstuhl Geoinformatik der Universität Heidelberg ist baldmöglichst eine Stelle als Wissenschaftl. Mitarbeiter (100%, TVL) – gerne als PostDoc – zu besetzen. Die relevanten Themengebiete beinhalten insbesondere Forschung und Entwicklung in min. einem der folgenden Bereiche (Schwerpunktsetzung möglich): • Navigation (In- / Outdoor) mit […]

  • Two open thesis topics related to accessibility of mobility-restricted people

    As announced earlier in our blog, there are open thesis topics within the European project: CAP4Access. Heidelberg University’s GIScience Research Group is a project partner of CAP4ACCESS. Other project partners include UCL, Fraunhofer and sozialhelden.de with their wheelmap.org project. The goal of CAP4Access project is to improve the accessibility of mobility-restricted people, in particular those who are wheelchair users. As […]