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  • Comparison of Three Algorithms for the Evaluation of TanDEM-X Data for Gully Detection in Krumhuk Farm (Namibia)

    Namibia is a dry and low populated country highly dependent on agriculture, with many areas experiencing land degradation accelerated by climate change. One of the most obvious and damaging manifestations of these degradation processes are gullies, which lead to great economic losses while accelerating desertification. The development of standardized methods to detect and monitor the […]

  • openrouteservice elevation goes farther north than ever before

    Last week we have been upgrading the openrouteservice, and with that has come the ability to include elevation information in routing pretty much anywhere on the globe (sorry people on Antarctica, but we don’t have routing for you just yet). So if you want to know the elevation and steepness of your drive from Svalbard […]

  • OpenRouteService introduces E-bike and Level of Fitness

    We have been busy working on some new features within the OpenRouteService which are especially suited for bicyclists. For starters we introduced an electronic bicycle profile which especially comes in handy for accessibility analyses considering elevation information. To this end you will notice that inclines will not have such a large impact on the reachability […]

  • How to combine OpenStreetMap and Airborne Laser Scanning data for updating Digital Elevation Models?

    The answer can be found in our most recent paper “Updating Digital Elevation Models via Change Detection and Fusion of Human and Remote Sensor Data in Urban Environments” that has just been finally released in the International Journal of Digital Earth. You can find a preprint version of the article freely accessible here: http://koenigstuhl.geog.uni-heidelberg.de/publications/2015/Hoefle/Klonner_et_al_2015_preprint.pdf Citation […]