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  • Introducing the humstats.heigit.org dashboard about Humanitarian Mapping in OpenStreetMap

    Since 2010 organized humanitarian mapping has evolved as a constant and growing element of the global OpenStreetMap (OSM) community. With more than 7,000 projects in 150 countries humanitarian mapping has become a global community effort. Mappers have added more than 60 Million buildings to OSM through HOT’s Tasking Manager. That’s around 13% of all OSM […]

  • Tools for Disaster Risk Reduction by HeiGIT – Celebrating the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction

    Today we celebrate the International Day for #DisasterRiskReduction. HeiGIT offers a growing set of tools and services that support humanitarian aid during and before disasters. Examples include work in the context of the Missing Maps initiative, like conceptualising and extending microtasking apps like MapSwipe, as well as services for analysing MapSwipe data and making it […]

  • Preview of the ohsome Nepal dashboard

    The ohsome OpenStreetMap history analytics platform, which is currently developed at HeiGIT, will make OSM’s full-history data more easily accessible. We are pleased to announce that we are coming closer to reaching our objectives, hereby sharing a preview of the first ohsome web dashboard. Our dashboards will allow you to explore OSM full-history data using […]