GeoSocial 2023

On the 13th of November, the 1st ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on Geocomputational Analysis of Socio-Economic Data (GeoSocial 2023 in short) took place in Hamburg, Germany. Organized in part by Prof. Dr. Alexander Zipf, the CEO of HeiGIT and the Chair of GIScience at Heidelberg University, the workshop was dedicated to bridging the gap between geocomputational methods and socio-economic data analysis. By bringing together a diverse community of researchers, practitioners, and students from various disciplines, participants were able to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and foster collaboration in the burgeoning field of geocomputational analysis.

Starting with the question of social relevance and social responsibility in the field of geocomputational analysis, raised by keynote speaker Dr. Stephan Winter, a variety of papers were presented and discussed during the workshop:

  • Measurement of spatial inequality using micro-spatial data in Thailand
  • Assessing the relationship between socio-demographic characteristics and OpenStreetMap contributor behaviors
  • Wealth Index Estimation using Machine Learning with Environmental, Demographics, Remote Sensing, and Points of Interest Data
  • Spatial Optimization Site Selection of Beijing Cainiao Station Based on Multi-Source Geospatial Data
  • A hybrid model for Forecasting Biological Oxygen Demand using CEEMDAN-LSTM
  • Exploring the Relationship between Greenery in Patients’ Living Spaces and Cognitive health

You can find more information on these papers on the official GeoSocial 2023 website.

The ACM SIGSPATIAL International Conference on Advances in Geographic Information Systems 2023 (ACM SIGSPATIAL 2023 in short) consists of a series of symposia and workshops taking place all over the world, covering everything from conceptual, design, and implementation aspects of geospatial data, over applications, user interfaces, and visualization, to data storage, query processing and indexing of geospatial data. Check out the official ACM SIGSPATIAL 2023 website to find more info about what events are taking place where!

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