Becoming ohsome in R – analysis of the completeness of the road network and health sites in Jakarta

Data quality is an important issue then performing analysis based on OpenStreetMap data. We have recently demonstrated how the effects of the 2013 flood in Jakarta on the accessibility of hospitals and clinics could be analyzed based on network analysis indicators and the isochrones functionality of the openrouteservice. As part of that analysis we analyzed the completeness of the road network and of health sites by intrinsic approaches based on the ohsome API.

The R code underlying the intrinsic data quality analysis is available here. The code demonstrates how to use the elements aggregation and user aggregation end points from R and how to convert the returned JSONs into data.frames/tibbles to create appealing figures based on ggplot2.

The python code for the analysis of the connectivity of the road network and the accessibility analysis is available as a separate repository on github.

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