Day: 19 June 2020

  • ohsome API 1.0 is here

    As we’ve announced it in a previous post, the Open Source release 1.0 of the ohsome API has finally arrived. As a reminder, or for those of you that hear “ohsome” for the first time, the aim of the ohsome OpenStreetMap History Data Analytics Platform is to make OpenStreetMap’s full-history data more easily accessible for various kinds […]

  • Going green with MeinGrün – Today App launch in Heidelberg and Dresden

    Today the time has come: The “meinGrün” web app for Dresden and Heidelberg is officially launched. With the mobile application you can (re-)discover known and unknown green spaces and find a pleasant route to those. Users can learn about the functions of the app via virtual scavenger hunt. The app is the result of the […]