3DGeo licensed drone pilots

During the last weeks, members of the 3DGeo group were found studying for the “Kenntnisnachweisprüfung”, the official examination for drone pilots in Germany. Today, we are proud to announce that all six applicants from our group have passed both the theoretical test as well as a practical exam where they had to show their capability of handling unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The exams were conducted by Nico and Anna of nicopter, a company authorized by the German Luftfahrtbundesamt (Federal Aviation Authority) and specializing in teaching.

3DGeo drone pilots and the examiners after the practical exam

The “Kenntnisnachweis” allows the piloting of UAVs above 2 kg and up to 5 kg take-off weight, and opens the door to apply for exemptions from many other flying restrictions, e.g. more than 100 m above ground, closer than 100 m to highways, etc., enabling us to go even further with our research.

For more information on some of our projects where drones are being used, check the project websites of SYSSIFOSS and AHK-4D.



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