Conversing about place – Talk by Prof. Stephan Winter, Melbourne in GIScience Colloquium Heidelberg 30.09.2019

We cordially invite everybody interested to our next open GIScience colloquium talk!

The speaker is Prof. Dr. Stephan Winter from Melbourne University, Australia.

When: Monday 30.09.2019, 2:00 pm
Where: INF 348, room 015 (Institute of Geography, Heidelberg University)

Title: Conversing about place

‘Place’ is used here as antithesis to traditional, geometry-based geographic information systems’ capture, modelling, analysis and communication. It is used for the references people make in their verbal or written communication. The talk looks at the challenges and approaches helping any conversational assistant to understand these human expressions, and to respond in a similar way.


Stephan Winter is Professor in Spatial Information Science at the University of Melbourne, Australia, specializing in human spatial cognition, navigation, and intelligent transportation. He is pioneering formal and stochastic models of urban environments, and leads research in intelligent spatial systems and computational transportation science. He holds a PhD from the University of Bonn, and a habilitation from the Technical University Vienna.