Colloquium on image processing for geomorphological and hydrological monitoring

We cordially invite everybody interested to our next open GIScience colloquium talk!

The speaker is Dr. Anette Eltner

TU Dresden, Institute of Photogrammetry und Remote Sensing

When: Monday 01.07.2019, 2:15 pm

Where: INF 348, room 015 (Institute of Geography, Heidelberg University)

Image processing for geomorphological and hydrological monitoring

The potential of images to answer research questions in geosciences is vast. Earth observation with image sequences allows for qualitative and quantitative assessment of earth surface processes and their changes. The topography and bathymetry can be reconstructed with very high resolution using image processing approaches. Furthermore, hydrological and geomorphological features can be detected and traced to improve environmental monitoring. Different sensors (e.g. RGB and thermal camera) and platforms (e.g. UAVs and terrestrial systems) can be used and due to their flexibility are especially suitable for fragile landscapes. This contribution introduces some basic principles regarding image processing and discusses potentials focusing on two different disciplines, i.e. geomorphology and hydrology. The first application introduces the potential of multi-temporal UAV data to reconstruct soil surface models to identify erosion forms and their changes over time to better understand the process of soil erosion. The second application in hydrology introduces the processing and analysis of image sequences from various sources to measure water levels and flow velocities. These case studies are chosen to display the variety of applications of image processing in geosciences and to support evaluation of further potentials.



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