Lukas Winiwarter wins Karl Kraus Award 2019

Our team member Lukas Winiwarter was awarded the prestigious and competitive Karl-Kraus-Nachwuchsförderpreis 2019 for his outstanding research that he did in his diploma thesis. His research “Classification of 3D Point Clouds using Deep Neural Networks” was compiled at the TU Wien (and also at University of Stuttgart in a research visit) under the guidance of his mentors Prof. Norbert Pfeifer and Dr. Gottfried Mandlburger.

Lukas had to present his thesis in front of the large audience of the joint conference of the German, Austrian and Swiss Societies of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Geoinformation (DGPF, OVG, SGPF) that took place 20-22 February 2019 in Vienna, Austria. Furthermore, he had to explain and defend his research in intensive discussions with the award committee.

His excellent performance was acknowledged with the Karl Kraus Award at a wonderful ceremony in the City Hall of Vienna on 21 February 2019. We also want to congratulate all the other candidates that were invited to the final round and presented strong and interesting research.

Karl-Kraus-Nachwuchsförderpreis is in memoriam Professor Karl Kraus who was one of the most influencing scientists in photogrammery and geoinformation. Karl Kraus was Professor of Photogrammetry at TU Wien and also Rector of the TU Wien in the 1980s.



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