Using Openrouteservice in the data science platform alteryx

You can also use Openrouteservice via the self-service data analytics plattform alteryx, when you are a user of that data science product.

Pablo Sáenz de Tejada (The Information Lab) has shared some macros on the alteryx public gallery using the Openrouteservice API that allows you to geocode addresses, calculate routes and create isochrones using the alteryx environment.!app/Calculate-Isochrones/5c1931b00462d724a455ae28!app/Calculate-Route/5c193104826fd30084be8fa7!app/Geocode-Addresses/5c1963f08a93370dc8e4de35

And what is your favourite environment for using Openrouteservice? Any scripts or libraries to share for further tools? Of course you can use e.g. our QGIS plugin or VROOM, as well as the libraries for python, R stats or JavaScript for developing your own solutions. Find the sources on GitHub/GIScience.