IWR Colloquium on Robust Geometry Extraction in Large Spatial Point Clouds (Prof. Roderik Lindenbergh)

Everyone interested is cordially invited to the talk of Prof. Roderik Lindenbergh (TU Delft, NL) on Robust geometry extraction in large spatial point clouds in the frame of the IWR Colloquium at the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing.

When: Wednesday, 27th June 2018, 14:15

Where: Conference Room (5th Floor), Mathematikon, INF 205

Before the talk, there will be a Meet&Greet (13:45 / Common Room (5th Floor), Mathematikon, INF 205) with the opportunity to meet the speaker in person over a cup of coffee and some cookies.

Robust geometry extraction in large spatial point clouds

Laser  scanning  efficiently  samples  our  urban  and  natural  environment.  LIDAR systems  on  tripods,  cars,  drones,  planes  and  even  backpacks  are  able  to  collect billions  of  3D  points  in  a  few  hours.  What  remains  challenging  is to  automatically extract  valid  geometric  information  from  these  points  clouds  in  a  similarly  efficient way. In the presentation issues with these point clouds will be discussed, followed by some  overview  of  methods  to  extract  geometric  information  on  e.g. trees,  traffic signs, tunnels or beaches in a robust and computationally efficient way.