Open – POI – Service Helps You Find Points of Interest!

Points of Interest in Berlin!
Points of Interest in Berlin!

Once again we are extremely excited to announce a new open source project we have been working on over the past few months. To honor the name, we have coined it openpoiservice and it has the simple task of finding points of interest for a given geometry!

To this end, it is able to return poi’s within polygons which can be generated by buffering linestrings, points or simply by providing your own polygon / bounding box.

As with any other project we work on, it extracts information from OpenStreetMap nodes, relations and ways and is able to return GeoJSON features or simple statistics of categories.

You can find the service on GitHub (feel free to contribute, it needs supporters!) and test it within our maps or directly via the openrouteservice API with your own api key.

The service is written in good ol’ Python and it’s terribly easy to set up on your own machine or instance. Please make sure that – depending on the size of the OpenStreetMap file to import – that the specific machine meets the requirements.



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