Masterclass and Workshop at the University of Warwick

Our colleague René Westerholt was recently invited to deliver a Masterclass on ‘Spatial Analysis’ at the University of Warwick (UK) on Tuesday, 6th of March. The one-day-event was hosted by the Q-Step Centre, an initiative to strengthen quantiative skills of students enrolled at the Social Science Faculty. The workshop was attended by students from various fields of study, such as applied mathematics, sociology and economics. Masterclasses are held at Warwick to cover topics which are usually not covered exhaustively by the university’s own programmes.

Later this week, on Thursday, René conducted a WISC Workshop at the ‘Warwick Institute for the Science of Cities’. This event was held at the invitation of Prof. João Porto de Albuquerque (CIM, Warwick) and focussed on ‘Spatial Heterogeneity’. It comprised a talk, an R-code-demonstration, and break-out sessions followed by an interactive discussion.



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