Exploring Geography with the Geographers of Tomorrow- Kinderuni Heidelberg at GIScience

For the fourth time, GIScience/HeiGIT supported the Kinderuni of Heidelberg University. Last Saturday, 03.03.2018, interested children between 9-12 were invited to join members of the group and learn about the various kinds of work of geographers, and current projects at GIScience.
After providing an overview of geography and different kinds of geodata, the young participants could get active themselves testing the MapSwipe app and thereby getting a first impression of the potentials of remote sensing. Afterwards, we explored the Neuenheimer Feld and conducted a mobile data collection using the KoBoCollect app.
The exercise was in a scavenger hunt style and the children had to solve different tasks, e.g., finding treasures via coordinates using a GPS device, answering geographical questions and collecting local information. Back at the institute, the participants learned how to visualize the gathered data in an online map using the uMap platform. The kids were very motivated and everyone had a great time including the workshop team 🙂
We are very looking forward to the next workshop!

Carolin Klonner, Melanie Eckle, Katharina Przybill, Johanna Schwehn