GIScience Colloquium Talk on Geospatial Visual Analytics Applications

we cordially invite everybody interested to our next open GIScience colloquium talk

Geospatial Visual Analytics Applications for Predictive Analysis

Dr. Alexandra Diehl
University of Konstanz, Department of Computer and Information Science, Data Analysis and Visualization

Time and date: Mon, December 11, 2:15 pm
Venue: INF 348, Room 015, Department of Geography, Heidelberg University

In this talk, the speaker will introduce her work in the area of Visual Analytics and Predictive Analytics with applications in Weather Forecasting and, more recently, in Social Media. When Predictive Analytics reaches its limits, Visual Analytics can help to recalibrate, change, and optimize models, and to validate results. Putting the user in the loop – the main goal of Visual Analytics – allows the analysts to inspect internal parts of predictive algorithms, such as regression models, and optimize them for a better fitting. Dr. Alexandra Diehl will present several design studies and contributions to this research area in the form of Multiple Coordinated View System and Visual Analytics workflows. Her main goal for the ongoing and future projects is to overcome the limitations of automated Predictive Models using the experience and knowledge of the user.