Utilising social media data for transport planning and traffic management

Dr. Enrico Steiger (GIScience Heidelberg) will give a invited presentation about
“Utilising social media data for transport planning and traffic management”

on 4pm – 5:30pm, Thu, 23 Jun ’16
at Room CS101, Department of Computer Science, Warwick University UK

Sustainable Cities Global Research Priority

The overall aim of the talk is to demonstrate how information from social media has the potential to add further geographic information and how it can be utilized as a proxy indicator for the inference of real world geographic phenomena in order to provide further insights into complex human mobility processes.

Dr Steiger will present novel concepts, techniques and analysis methods for the exploration of human social activities from user-generated social media data. He will investigate the possibilities of characterizing spatial structures and underlying human mobility patterns in order to assess the reliability of social media information and the given spatial, temporal and semantic characteristics.