CrowdAnalyser Talk and Workshop on Big Data and Socioeconomic Analysis by Professor Paul Longley

By the end of November, Professor Paul Longley and his colleague Guy Lansley (both from Department of Geography, University College London) visited our group as part of the last CrowdAnalyser workshop. Both of them gave really inspiring talks. Paul talked about the provenance and use of big data (largely focussing on social media). Guy, in contrast, provided technical insights regarding how to deal with census-related data and how to process them in a statistical sense.
The afternoon was filled with a hands-on workshop on cluster-analysis using R guided by Guy. All participants were provided UK census data, allowing them to build their own customized socio-economic classification within a region of choice.
The event
was rounded off by a joint Christmas market visit and a delicious dinner. Please find some impressions of this marvellous day below.