The provenance and use of geospatial Big Data (Paul Longley) and Small area profiling through geodemographics (Guy Lansley)

This Friday, November 27th 2015 we invite you to two highly interesting presentations from well-known colleagues from the Department of Geography, University College London (UCL).

Prof. Dr. Paul Longley will talk about “The provenance and use of geospatial Big Data” at 10-11am s.t.

This presentation reports on the research activities of the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC), which is one of the UK’s current ‘Big Data’ investments funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). The presentation then focuses upon issues of establishing the provenance of business and social media data, and the wider implications of Big Data for the practice of social science. It also discusses some practical ways in which the value of new data sources may be reliably assessed.

And then from 11-12am s.t. Guy Lansley will talk about “Small area profiling through geodemographics”

Guy Lansley will present research results from an extended case study of the use of address register and Twitter geo-temporal demographics to understand the activity patterns of different ethnic groups in London. These patterns are linked to the geography of residence as depicted using conventional data sources such as the UK Census of Population.

Location: Seminar room (Room 104), 1st floor, 10 am s.t.GIScience Research Group, Insitute of Geography, Berliner Straße 48, Heidelberg