A Week full of GIScience Events

This week is busy with several GIScience events in Heidelberg:

– Monday started with a talk of Dr. Inga Back on the PermaSAR project in the HCE colloquium series.
– On Tuesday our project “Wissen für die Stadt” (Knowledge for the City) participates in a workshop about the related IBA candidate “Zukunfts- und Wissensspeicher Energie und Technik”
– On Wednesday there is the public “Fachaustausch Geoinformatik” in the Print Media Academy with many interesting talks and an exhibition (including GIScience HD). Feel invited!
– On Thursday and Friday we welcome Paul Longley and Guy Lansley from UCL to our 2015 CrowdAnalyser Workshop (public talks on Friday morning!)
– Weekend? well… 😉

Stay tuned for this exciting week. Looking forward to meet you at e.g. Fachaustausch Geoinformation or the CrowdAnalyser Workshop!

GIScience HD