Specialization in Geoinformatics in Master of Geography Degree at Heidelberg University

Since this winter semester it is now possible to formally specialize in “Geoinformatics” within the Master of Science “Geography” Degree at Heidelberg University, Institute of Geography. When a certain amount of courses and credit points in this Masters programme are taken from courses related to Geoinformatics, then the student can have this specialization subject be documented on his final Master certificate. This means that more than 60 ECTS, i.e. more than half of the total points of the Masters programme, including the Master Thesis (30 ECTS) need to be related to Geoinformatics/GIScience. The GIScience Research Group at Heidelberg University offers regularily a broad set of courses on different topics in GIScience and Geoinformatics, that can be used for this specialization. We welcome Master students interested in such a spcialization to contact us and are happy to discuss the possibilities. Usually the majority of the courses are given in German language.