TV report on PsychoGeoinformatics (MakingOf)

Yesterday a team from SWR television visited the GIScience group Heidelberg to shoot a movie for a TV report about our joint work on investigating and modeling the relationship between environmental or socio-demographic characteristics of a region and mental stress in urban areas. The PsychoGeography project is conducted together with the Psychoepidemiologisches Zentrum (PEZ) at the Central Insitut for Mental Health (ZI) Mannheim and the KIT, Department of Psychology.
In order to address the relationship between mental stress and the urban environment, heterogeneous spatial data has to be collected from a various amount of sources. These include public, private and crowd-sourced sources including relevant socio-economic data and data regarding the urban environment (e.g. landuse, noise, air quality, access to public green space, etc.).
The report will be shown sometime in September in the SWR Science magazine Odysso.