Report on the first evaluation meeting of CAP4Access project

On January 28, the evaluation meeting for the results of the first year of European FP7 project CAP4Access took place at European Commission in Brussels. Representatives of all project partners gave a presentation of the results and work-in-progress of their tasks which followed by questions from two external reviewers appointed by the European Commission.

From the CAP4Access team led by Dr. Mohamed Bakillah at GIScience group of Heidelberg University, Adam Rousell and Amin Mobasheri participated in the evaluation meeting. Adam gave two presentations concerning the activities and future plans for “raising awareness and pilot test plans for Heidelberg” as well as technical presentation of “routing and navigation service for people with restricted mobility”.

Furthermore, Amin gave two technical presentations regarding “Quality assessment of OpenStreetMap data” and “The collective tagging tool”. All presentations included discussions regarding the future steps that are planned to be done in the next years.

After all presentations, final questions and comments from reviewers, the reviewers gave fruitful feedback and comments, and shared their initial opinions regarding the work that was done in the first year of project which sounded positive. The final result is to be announced by end of February, when the reviewers submit their final written reports to European Commission.