Online article in 3D Visualization World Magazine: UNESCO World Heritage Site Lorsch Abbey

The online magazine 3D Visualization World ( features an article about the 3D capturing campaigns at Lorsch Abbey:

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lorsch Abbey is located in Hesse roughly between Heidelberg and Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Laser scanners generating 3D point clouds of the structure and photogrammetric Structure-from-Motion (SfM) approaches were used to study and create 3D models. Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs) were also employed to support restoration work.

Read the whole article via (accessed 31st of July 2014) – see also the corresponding GIScience blog entry.

The scanning team: Christian Seitz and his UAV 'ArchEye' (left), Martin Hämmerle and the GIScience's Riegl VZ-400 fwf terrestrial laser scanner (right; photo: Katarina Papajanni)

Many thanks to Christian Seitz ( for providing the article!