Canoe Tour: GIScience Team “conquering” the Neckar between Hirschhorn and Neckargemünd

Wednesday, July 16th – the day 24 members of GIScience had been looking forward to for a long time.
After general tips and instructions of the owner, it was time to get ready for the Neckar. Six canoes with excited people put to sea.
Equipped with paddles and life jackets, it was time to “conquer” the Neckar. Even obstacles such as a big lock, dense undergrowth and hot weather didn’t stop the cheerful company. In order to succeed our “conquest”, we had to fight several water battles 😉
After four hours hard paddling, the team arrived at Neckargemünd, hungry, exhausted but happy 🙂 Our triumph was celebrated with a delicious dinner in the old town in Neckargemünd.
Thanks to all organizers for this great experience in such an outdoor and cheerful atmosphere.